This agreement is written in English (UK).

Date of last revision: 21 July, 2010

1.) Definitions

This agreement will use the following terms throughout:

1.1 “we”, “us”, “our” – All of these words refer to Raw Games LTD in their context

1.2 “Visitor” – Someone who accesses this site or its services without registering or logging in

1.3 “Member” – Someone who accesses this site or its services after submitting a registration form and logging in

1.4 “Staff” – An employee of Raw Games LTD

1.5 “IP” – Intellectual Property

2.) Our Relationship with You

We are an electronic media company, which operates the domain The website and services are hosted in England. This Terms of Use agreement may be modified periodically without notification. In the process of accessing this website, you agree to be bound by this agreement, regardless of being a Visitor, Member, or Staff.

3.) Proprietary Rights

We will not claim ownership to text, video, images, sounds, or files (collectively, “Content”) posted initially by a Visitor or Member. Content is otherwise is the Intellectual Property (IP) of their respective owners, including Raw Games LTD. Refer to section 5 for reference on Copyright Infringement and IP Fraud.

4.) Prohibited Content

Content which is strictly prohibited, listed below, will be removed immediately by Staff. These items include:

4.1 Pornographic or otherwise sexual content. This includes partial or full nudity.

4.2 Excessive violent or obscene content. However, both are allowed in moderate ammounts.

4.3 Any content which is considered “Spam”, which is considered meaningless, trivial, unwanted, or unrelated in nature.

4.4 Discriminatory, harassment, and hatred based content. More specifically racist, sexist, and descrimination against religion or age.

4.5 Pirated software or “warez”. Discussion of where to obtain such content is disallowed in the like.

4.6 Content which violates any other section of this agreement.

5.) Protection of Copyright and IP

Raw Games LTD respects the intellectual property of others, and require you to do the same. We hereby reserve the right to remove any content from this site that is posted unlawfully and therefor infringes the copyright of such content. This includes IP fraud. We strictly disallow uploading or posting content that is in violation of this section.

6.) Code of Conduct

We require you observe proper etiquette in the event you submit content of any kind, as we will too. The following rules apply:

6.1 No posting of any content that is controversial or inflammatory in attempt to provoke others.

6.2 No posting content in the attempt to incite argument, unless it is in the allowed sections.

6.3 No personal attacks towards others, either directly or indirectly.

6.4 No deliberate posting of content in the wrong section.

6.5 No posting in forum threads that are over 30 days of age without just reasoning. Otherwise refered to as “Thread Ressurection”.

6.6 No advertisments of a commercial nature unrelated to Raw Games LTD. Doing so will result a warning then being banned from the forum, if the posting persists we will take legal action against the person/persons involved.

7.) Disclaimer

Raw Games LTD is not responsible for any damages, losses, injuries, or deaths under the use of this site or its services. We do not express a warentee of any kind, for any service, nor do we gaurentee the accuracy or express approval of any content posted by those who are not Staff. Information presented on this website is considered public information (unless otherwise noted) and may be distributed or copied. Some documents have references to items on other websites which are maintained by other organizations. Please not Raw Games LTD is unable to control or gaurentee the accuracy or appropriateness of such content.

All unauthorized attempts to modify or upload content is strictly prohibited under the Computer Misuse Act (CMA) 1990 inside of the United Kingdom, and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 as well as the National Information Infrastructure Protection Act inside of the United States. Legal action will be taken to prosecute violators.

8.) Termination

In the case you violate the terms of this agreement, we reserve the right to prevent you from accessing this website or its services without notification. You may terminate this agreement by deleting account and not visiting this website. All sections concerning visitors will otherwise apply. Disciplinary action will be taken for the violation of this agreement, and will vary on the severity of the violation.