“…Raw Games is no run-of-the-mill operator either. The release of a teaser trailer for The Spire last week brought the UK-based independent to public notice in a big way, demonstrating a level of technical competence and an artistic coherence many of the industry’s household names would struggle to match.”

VideoGamesDaily Interview

“…Seems like a mouthful to simply classify, but judging from this trailer, ‘awesome’ would seem a more appropriate category to put it under.”

The Gaming Vault

“…Developers (gathered in the studio, Raw Games) tout their project as an atmospheric blend of action and adventure, which is to combine an interesting game mechanics with a complex story and demanding puzzles.”


“…Raw Games has released pre-alpha teaser footage for its UDK game The Spire, and it looks really interesting.”


“…The Spire just released a teaser trailer via its UK-based developer Raw Games that shows off some interesting looking environments and gameplay.”

Big Download

“…see everything in motion, however, makes a world of difference. This game is gorgeous…”


“…I’m sure several of you out there share my desire of wanting the game now.”

Gamerz Station

“…It also looks stupidly polished, and exactly the kind of game I want to play right this second…”


“…While watching the video my mind went, ‘Portal? Singularity? Hell yeah!’ Both are games I’ve thoroughly enjoyed because of the unique gameplay they offer and it looks like The Spire is going to scratch the same itch, but in a more independent fashion.”

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