When it comes to online casino games, the Starburst slot machine stands out as a true gem. I’ve spent countless hours exploring its vibrant graphics and straightforward gameplay, and it’s no wonder why it’s a favourite among both novice and seasoned players. With its dazzling colours and exciting features, Starburst offers a unique blend of simplicity and thrill.

What makes Starburst so captivating? For me, it’s the combination of its cosmic theme and the potential for big wins. The game’s expanding wilds and re-spins keep the excitement levels high, ensuring that every spin holds the promise of something spectacular. Whether you’re new to online slots or a seasoned pro, Starburst’s engaging design and rewarding mechanics make it a must-try.

Overview of Starburst Slot Machine

Starburst slot machine continues to captivate players with its engaging design and thrilling mechanics. I’ll dive deeper into its key features and gameplay elements.

Key Features and Gameplay

Starburst offers a blend of features enhancing its overall appeal.

  • RTP: The Return to Player rate stands at 96.09%, providing a reasonable expectation of returns over time.
  • Volatility: As a low-volatility game, Starburst ensures frequent but smaller wins, maintaining excitement throughout.
  • Reels and Paylines: The game consists of 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 fixed paylines, creating multiple winning opportunities.
  • Win Both Ways: Starburst rewards players for sequences formed both left to right and right to left, increasing hit frequency.
  • Wild Symbols: Starburst Wild symbols appear on reels 2, 3, and 4, expanding vertically to substitute other symbols and trigger re-spins.
  • Max Win: The maximum win per spin is 500 times the stake, offering substantial rewards.
  • Themes: Boasting a space theme, Starburst presents vibrant 3D effects and a cool soundtrack for an immersive experience.


The gameplay of Starburst is straightforward yet engaging.

  • Betting Range: Players can place bets ranging from a minimum of 10p to a maximum of £100 per spin, catering to both casual and high-stakes players.
  • Symbols: The game features 7 winning symbols, including various jewels and the lucky red 7, diversifying the potential combinations for wins.

Graphics and Design

The Starburst slot machine stands out with its visually stunning graphics and unique design. The combination of retro and futuristic elements creates a captivating gaming experience.

High-End 3D Graphics

The game features high-end 3D graphics that enhance its visual appeal. Vividly lit jewels and a dark, outer space backdrop come alive with dazzling light effects during wins.

Space Theme

The space theme complements the game’s visuals with a perfect blend of retro-futuristic design. It immerses players in a vibrant, outer space setting, intensifying the overall gaming experience.

Mobile Gaming Experience

Starburst offers an impressive mobile gaming experience on various devices, including desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Optimized For Multiple Devices

Using HTML5 technology, the game is accessible on iOS, Android, and Windows devices. The 5×3 layout works seamlessly on smaller screens, ensuring smooth gameplay on smartphones and tablets.

Starburst Touch

The mobile version, Starburst Touch, delivers a consistent and engaging experience. It’s available on both Android and iOS smartphones, providing players with flexibility to enjoy the game anywhere.

How to Play Starburst Slot Machine

Starburst is an engaging slot machine by NetEnt, known for its vibrant design and smooth gameplay. Here’s a guide to help you start spinning and winning.

Basic Rules

  1. Number of Reels and Paylines: Starburst features five reels and ten fixed paylines.
  2. Minimum and Maximum Bets: The lowest bet is 0.10 credits while the highest is 100.00 credits.
  3. Winning Combinations: Wins are calculated as multipliers of the coins wagered and pay for sequences formed both left to right and right to left.
  4. Auto-Spins: Choose from 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 750, or 1,000 auto-spins. The autoplay stops on conditions like any win, a single win exceeding a set amount, or changes in cash balance.
  1. Bet Level: Select a bet level from 1 to 10 to adjust your wager.
  2. Coin Value: Set the coin value anywhere from 0.01 to 1.00 to fine-tune your bet amount.

Starburst Slot Features

Starburst boasts several features designed to enhance the player experience and increase winning opportunities.

Wild Symbols and Re-Spins

Wild symbols in Starburst emerge on reels 2, 3, and 4. When a Wild symbol appears, it expands to cover the entire reel and triggers a re-spin. The Wild symbol stays in place during the re-spin, and if another Wild symbol appears, it also expands and holds in place, granting another re-spin. This sequence can continue for up to three re-spins, maximising potential wins.

Win Both Ways

Starburst’s Win Both Ways feature lets players win from both left to right and right to left. This feature effectively doubles the chances of securing a win, contributing to the game’s appeal and thrill.

Starburst’s features, including Wild symbols, re-spins, and Win Both Ways, provide an engaging and rewarding gaming experience.

RTP, Volatility, and Payouts

The Starburst slot machine, developed by NetEnt, boasts distinct features in terms of RTP, volatility, and payouts.

Analysis of Return to Player and Volatility

Starburst’s RTP is set at 96.09%. However, variations exist at 95.05%, 94.05%, 93.05%, 92.05%, and 90.05%. RTP measures the percentage of wagered money that a slot machine returns to players over time. In Starburst, players can expect a relatively high rate given the primary 96.09% value.

Starburst exhibits low volatility, which means players experience frequent, though often smaller, wins. The hit frequency is 22.6%, implying an average win every four spins. Thus, the low volatility appeals to players who prefer consistent payouts over high-risk, high-reward scenarios.

Understanding Payouts

Payouts in Starburst depend on the symbols and their combinations on the 5 reels with 10 paylines. The highest payout occurs when players land the BAR symbol, rewarding 250 times the stake for five in a row. The 7s follow with rewards of 120 times the stake. The Win Both Ways feature doubles the potential winning combinations, increasing chances for players to score further payouts.

Wild symbols, represented by the vibrant Starburst icon, only appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. These symbols expand vertically and trigger re-spins, providing additional opportunities to win. The maximum win in Starburst can escalate to 500 times the player’s stake in such scenarios.

Starburst’s game mechanics deliver a balanced experience tailored to various player preferences, from casual gamers to high-stakes gamblers, ensuring a broad appeal.

Top Tips for Playing Starburst Slot

Here are my top tips for playing the Starburst slot machine, a game celebrated for its simplicity and engaging gameplay.

  1. Prepare for Orbit

Familiarise yourself with the game’s layout, paytable, and features before starting. Starburst slots have five reels and ten paylines, with a minimum bet of £0.10 and a maximum of £100. Knowing the basics helps in making strategic decisions, so review the symbols and their respective values.

  1. Make the Most of the Wild

The wild symbol is crucial for landing big wins. It substitutes for any other symbol and expands to fill the entire reel, triggering a re-spin. Keep your eyes peeled for these rainbow wilds, which appear on reels 2, 3, and 4, to maximise your winning potential.

  1. Be a Smart Star Trekker

Bet on all ten paylines and choose an amount you can comfortably afford. Starburst’s relatively low volatility means more frequent but smaller wins, making it a great choice for extended play sessions. For example, a consistent strategy might be to place smaller bets across all paylines.

  1. It Wins Both Ways

Starburst pays out in both directions, enhancing your chances of winning. Pay attention to this feature as it effectively doubles your odds of landing a winning combination.

  1. Three is the Lucky Number

Landing at least three identical symbols nets you a cash prize. The bar symbol yields the highest payout. Engaging in gameplay sessions by aiming to line up these symbols will increase your winnings.

  1. Bet Wisely

Betting at levels like £0.50, £5, and £50 can increase your chances of winning by up to 34%. Adjust your bet size according to your budget and gameplay duration. For instance, starting with lower bets and gradually increasing can help manage your bankroll effectively.

Starburst, developed by NetEnt, has several intriguing variants and related games. Each variant offers unique features, creating diverse experiences for players.

Differences and Similarities

The original Starburst slot features a space theme with 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 paylines. The game’s symbols include vividly lit jewels, a lucky red 7, and a BAR symbol. High-definition graphics and animations give it a retro feel. The main unique feature of Starburst is the Starburst Wild symbol. This symbol appears on reels 2, 3, and 4, substitutes for all symbols, and expands to trigger re-spins.

Another distinctive feature is the Win Both Ways technology, which allows winning combinations from left to right and right to left. This adds to the players’ chances of winning. With an RTP of 96.1% and the possibility of winning up to 500 times the bet per spin, Starburst provides a balanced blend of excitement and potential returns.

Auto Play is a convenient feature allowing players to automate spins with customizable settings, such as stopping after reaching specific win amounts or cash changes. This adds flexibility to gameplay.

The related games might not provide all these features unitedly, but each carries certain unique elements which complement the Starburst experience.


Starburst slot machine remains a standout in the world of online slots thanks to its engaging design and rewarding features. The combination of the Win Both Ways feature and Starburst Wild symbols keeps gameplay exciting and dynamic. With an RTP of 96.1% and low volatility, it offers a balanced experience suitable for both casual players and high rollers.

Auto Play functionality adds convenience, allowing players to enjoy the game without constant manual input. The various Starburst variants and related games ensure there’s always something new to explore. Whether you’re a seasoned slot enthusiast or a newcomer, Starburst offers a captivating and potentially lucrative gaming experience.